Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Music people with different opinions.

Okay check this out.

I´ve had this track playing in my head for some time now, after I got this mp3 about 4 months ago which was like 56 seconds. I noticed this new video and played it to my buddy Flipperi. We usually like the same kinda stuff being it house, hip hop, slow motion beard disco or whatnot. We feel the Sa-Ra stuff so I thought he´d appreciate Ti$a´s Vote Obama.

But this here go him going like: No Tommi this is not good at all.
Nononononononono... NO! NONONONO-NO!

Aaaa-maan. Fuck that. I like this. I like colours. I like Ti$a.

If somebody has an idea on where to score a good quality audio track of this, give me a holler \o/. I only got a poor 128 bitrate.

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Blogger Oliver said...

Aje. Mulle meeldib.

See on üldse sheff, kuidas sheffid muusikud kõik Obamat toetavad.

Siin on veel üks

6:08 AM  

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