Monday, March 10, 2008

21.02.2008 PLAYLIST

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra : One Night (Aco Dub) [ Justa Record]
Souljumppaa : Souljumppaa A1 [Gross Records]
Yesterday's New Quintent : Prelude [Stones Throw]
Steve Spacek : I Wanna Piece Of Your Love [Jazzy Sport]
Benny Sings Rednose District : Miss Moral [Kindred Spirits]
Koushik : Be With [Stones Throw]
Clutchy Hopkins : Percg´s On The One [Ubiquity Records]
Build An Ark : Love Sweet Like Sugarcane [Kindred Spirits]
Nostalgia 77 Octet : Music Silt [True Thoughts]
Tony Allen feat. Eska : What´s Your Fashion [Wrass Records]
Bola Sete : Bettina [Paramount]
Jamie Cullum : Frontin [White]
Alice Russell : Hurry On Now [Tru Thoughts]
Irene Kal : Going To California [Luv n´Haight]
Stanley Cowell : Thank You My People [Strata-East]
Willis Jackson : Nuther´n Like Thuther´n [Inc]
Bob James : Shamboozie [White]
Bob James : Nautilus [Cti]
Ben Ace : Rope a Dope [Spellbound]
Madlib : Special [White]
Jneiro Jarel : N.A.S.A. [Kindred Spirits]
Adele : Could Shoulder [XL Recordings]
Tony Allen with Afrika 70 : Progress [Afro Strut]
Soho : Hot Music [White]
Alex Attias : Help Me (Alex Attias' Freedom Soundz remix) [Compost]
Midlake : Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard Sleeve edit) [mp3]
Badly Drawn Boy : Priomises (A Mountain Of One remix) [mp3]
Courtney Pine : Rivers (4 Hero remix) [Talkin Loud]
Soil & Pimp Sessions : A I E (Coblestone Jazz remix) [Brownswood]

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