Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This site falls into the category called pretty cosmic or like we say in Finnish: aika kosmista!

Check out King Britt´s and Rucyl´s curated SNS blog for interesting audio visual gadgets and innovations you never heard or seen before!
A celebration of the electric sound phenomenon and all that inspires it, Saturn Never Sleeps combines audio visual micro-components into a thought altering world of sight and sound. Live musicians of acoustic and electronic inventions are curated as objects of art, coming together to create a dimensional environment of delectable oscillations and bleeps for the modern audiophile. Guest appearances by today’s visual and sonic innovators stretch the boundaries of genre, rhythm, and concept.

Get into these early computer animations with Sitar soundtracks.
Stan Vanderbeek: Symmetrics (1972)

James Whitney: Lapis (1966)

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