Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kelley Polar & Daniel Wang Special!

"Now, with the release of Hercules and Love Affair's celebrated debut, listeners have two brilliant examples of the creative possibilities in the disco framework. Kelley Polar's sophomore effort is just as strong as the aforementioned, approaching a musical genre with heavy stigma attached and interpreting it in a sincere, innovative and modern way."
- Prefix Mag

"His head in the stars, his feet on the dance floor. Kelley Polar is sheer beauty. He reinvents romance for the 21st century."
- Time Out New York

Daniel Wang?
Daniel Wang?
Daniel Wang?

Daniel Wang was born in California but lived in Taiwan for eight years during his childhood. After returning to California for high school, Wang continued his education in New York and Chicago, studying psychology and literature. In 1990 he settled in New York City where he worked at a vintage synthesizer and record shop, as well as started his own record label Balihu in 1993. In addition, Wang has recorded for Playhouse and Morgan Geist’s Environ.

As both a DJ and a producer, Daniel Wang understands what does and doesn’t work musically. With a belief in simplicity, he places his focus on melody and texture rather than trendy production techniques or uninspired samples. Wang’s music strongly echoes Italo Disco from the 1970s and 80s, but he is not hesitant to add modern touches. His sound made a perfect fit for Ghostly’s acclaimed Disco Nouveau compilation, to which he contributed the lead track “Pistol Oderso”.

Wang left the states in 2003 to live in Berlin, where he easily became part of the DJ community and enjoyed the political climate, pop culture, and gay atmosphere. His clubbing experiences there at venues like OST-GUT and Cookies led to the release of the Berlin Sunrise 12”, which coincided with a brief tour in Japan.

Sooo...Kelley Polar and Daniel Wang are coming to Helsinki next weekend so Music People get ready. On Thursday the 4th of September we´re gonna have 80´s Cop aka Lauri Soini visit us and tell a little bit of the up and coming special weekend. Tune in!

Environ Records
Bassoradio´s stream available here!
Remember kids and grown-ups, Music People every other Thursday from 10 to 12pm (CET+2hrs)

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