Friday, August 24, 2007

23.8.2007 Soittolistat w/AIS-T & MADROBOT

Edition Disco - Think twice (edit de Prince Language)
Monassa - Watercircles (UpMyAlley)
Sade - Make Some Room (Epic)
Platnum - Two Stars (Sonar Kollektiv
Mos Def - Umi Says (Rawkus records))
Glass Candy - Rolling Down The Hills (Troubleman)
Common - The People (Geffen Records)
Otis Jackson - It´s all the same (Traffic)
Sasso fea. Mike Watwer- Aqua Y Luz (Sick Trumpet)
Mark Ronson Feat. Phantom Planet - Just (Sony)
Prince - Sign O´The Times (Warner Brothers)
Dert - The Light Feat Erykah Badu & Common (White)
Shaun Escoffery - Let It Go (Oyster Music)
Matthew Moffre - Lion Sleeps (White)
Bebel Gilberto - Aganju (Latin Project Remix) (Ziguriboom)
Werd Sechtid - promo cdr
Bruce Wang - Erykah´s Creamy Shower (White)
Dana Byrd - Your Love (Pal Joey Vocal mix) (WAVE)
Stevie Wonder - All I do (U-Tern Edit)
Stevie Wonder - My love is on fire (Dj Spinna Remix)
Tata Vega - Get It Up For Love (Motown)
Kellee Patterson - Turn on the light (Shady Brook)
The Turtles - So Happy (Wade Nichols Edit)
Wayne Marshall - Weed Bag (White)
Depeche Mode - Free Love (Labels)
Gil Scott-Heron - Billing (Top Willin Remix)

Monassan tuoreelta 12-tuumaiselta löytyvä Watercircles oli muuten tuoreimman Gilles Petersonin ohjelman avausbiisi, joten Monassan ja UpMyAlleyn tulevaisuus näyttää valoisalta. Hyvää musiikkia tiedossa muusikki-ihmisille..

Viime ohjelman (jossa vieraanamme oli label-daddy Joscha Creutzfeldt) biisilistat alla:

Übrigens, Monassa´s Watercircles was Gilles´ opening track on his latest radioshow on BBC Radio1. Future´s looking bright for both Monassa & UpMyAlley. Good music to be expected all you music people out there.

The previous show´s tracklist(where we had label-founder Joscha Creutzfeldt) was left out so here it is:

MSCPPL 9.8.2007

Michael Jonzun : Burnin up (Eskimo)
Cro Magnon : Electric Lady Dance (Jazzy Sport)
Firefly : Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (Smooth Edits)
Recloose : Why I Otta (Peacefrog)
Monassa : Watercircles (Up My Alley)
Soul II Soul: Back To Life (Club Mix) (10 Records)
Ame : Sarari (Sonar Kollektiv)
Gwen Guthrie : Seventh Heaven (BBE)
Metro Area : ?
Beats Workin` : Sure Beats Workin (Balearic Beats) (FFRR)
O.Boogie : Paper Chaser (Tom Trago Remix) (RushHour)
Waajeed : Tron (Fat City)
Hearin´ Aid : Can I Do My Thing (Jugglin´)
Madlib feat Erykah Badu : Real Thing (Stones Throw)
Quasimoto : Broad Factor (Tobrock Remix) (White)
Moo : Bum Bum (cdr)
Hudson Mohawke : ??? (cdr)
Frank N Dank : One Time For The (Moo Remix) (cdr)
Japanese Synchro System w/ Jerry "Koji" Chestnuts : I´m On Fire (Life Line)
The Randy Watson Experience feat Nikki Jean of Nouveau Riche : Be Still My Little Heart (Ubiquity)
Glass Candy : The Chameleon (Accapella)

Monassan Dirk Rumpffin rupatteluhetki ja sukellus levylaukkuun Offtrackin sivuilla:

Chit-chat moment with Dirk Rumpff and a dive into Monassa´s record bag on Offtrack´s site:


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