Monday, May 07, 2007

10.5.2007 biisilistat

Guru : Hood Dreamin (7 Grand)
Roots & Erykah Badu : You Got Me (MCA)
Madlib & Erykah Badu : Real Thing (cdr)
Devin The Dude : What A Job (Rap-A-Lot)
I.T.T. : Spread Love (Kindred Spirits)
Fabulous 3 MCs : Rub A Rub (Instrumental) (Numero)
Eugene Wilde : Gotta Get You Home (4th & Broadway)
Louis : Pink Footpath (Instrumental) (Balearica 3)
John Tejada : Language Barriers (Moods And Grooves)
Sam & Gigi: Bau-Au (Patchworks Remix) (STILL MUSIC)
Felix Laband: Whistling in Tongues (Todd Terje Remix)
Clifters: Elekieltä (One Inch Rock)
Map Of Morrison: Poetry Slam I (cdr)
The Unknown Cases : Masimbabele (Balearica 3)
Modaji : Outboard Jeopardy (Clum mix) (BReak´n Bosa)
Kuniyuki: Earth Beats (Henrik Schwartz Remix) (Mule Music)
Omar S: I-Love-U-Alex (Jazztechousemix)
Peven Everett: Testin Me (ABB Soul)
Owusu & Hannibal: Le Fox (Ubiquity)
Brothers on the slide : Patchworks and Mr Day (The Dynamics edit)
(Favourite recordings)
Bob James: Take Me To The Mardi Gras (CTI)
Jorge Ben : Oe Oe Faz O Boi Na Estrada (Balearica)
Main Ingredient: Don´t You Worry A Thing (Harmless)
Dj Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince: Summertime (Jive)
Rickfors : Turn to me (CDR)

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